Can-Ryu 2000 Licensing Program


Whether your an instructor of Karate, Kung fu, Judo or Taekwondo, the Can-Ryu 2000 self-protection system can give your students a defensive arsenal that they can really use should the need arise.  It easily integrates into any martial arts curriculum and provides the practical defensive techniques that modern students demand.

Developed over 30 years, Can-Ryu 2000 is a simplified system of defense that comprises of techniques that are easy to learn and do.The system favours gross motor skills over fine motor skills and can be learned in 3 minutes or less, making it usable under the high stress conditions of an attack.

In the Can-Ryu 2000 Instructor Training Program, you'll learn how to do and teach:

  • Practical punching and kicking techniques,
  • High stress sparring drills,
  • The Police Pressure Points System,
  • The Persuader Key Holder System,
  • Defending yourself with pepper spray,
  • The Simple Hold Escape System,
  • Defense on the ground,
  • Breakfalls and practical throws, takedowns,
  • Neck Restraints,
  • Comealongs and controlling techniques,
  • Defense against weapons,
  • and The Total Survival Awareness System.

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